Bihar Patna High Court Rules

Patna High Court Rules 1916
Addenda and Corrigenda

All applications for search/examination/inspection of the records or for certified copies of the judgment/ orders/pleadings/ documents/evidence shall be made under this Chapter and shall be tendered/submitted in the Copying Section on any working day between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm

A fee will be charged for furnishing certified copies:
At the rate of Rs. 5/- for every page of the judgement / orders / pleadings / documents / evidence

In case of pleadings / evidence / document filed / recorded / exhibited in a suit / appeal / application instituted / preferred / made to a civil court subordinate to the High Court. the fees as may be chargeable under the Court – Fees Act 1870

In case of maps and plans a fee at a rate of Rs. 50/- per map or plan

A fee of Rs.10/- will be charged on every application for search and examination/ inspection/information of the record of any proceeding filed in the high court or of the lower court record called for and lying in the possession of the High Court.

Application for search/examination /inspection information of the records or for the certified copies of the judgment/orders/ pleadings/ documents/evidence in any proceeding may be made
by A party to the proceeding if the party has appeared in person, or the advocate on record if the party has appeared through the advocate