Format Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Delhi

In the Court of the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal Delhi

Claim Petition No. _______







…  Petitioner












…  Respondent


Application under the Section 166 & 140 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 for grant of Compensation




  1. Name & Father’s Name of the person injured/dead (Husband’s Name in case of married women & widow)                  :


  1. Full address of the person injured/dead:


  1. Age of the person injured/dead. :


  1. Occupation of the person injured/dead:


  1. Name & address of the employer of the injured / dead.                                        :


  1. Monthly income of the person injured/ dead.                                                      :


  1. Does the person in respect of whom compensation is claimed pay income tax? If so state the amount of the income tax (to be supported by document)      :


  1. Place, date and time of accident           :


  1. Name & Address of Police Station in whose jurisdiction the accident took place & FIR was registered.              :


  1. Was the person in respect of whom compensation is claimed traveling by the  vehicle   involved  in  the accident ? If so, give  the name & place of starting the  journey  and destination.             :


  1. Nature of the injuries sustained.           :


  1. Name & Address of the Medical Officer/Practitioner, if any who attended to the injuries.                             :


  1. Period of treatment and expenditure. :


  1. Registration No. & Type of vehicle involved in accident.                          :


  1. Name & address of the owner of offending vehicle.                                       :


  1. Name & address of the driver of offending vehicle.                                       :


  1. Name & address of the insurer of the vehicle.                                                 :


  1. Has any claim been lodged with the owner/insurer, if so, with what result.                                                   :


  1. Name & address of the applicant. :



  1. Relationship with the deceased / injured.                                                  :


  1. Title of the property of the deceased/ injured.                                                  :


  1. Amount of compensation claimed. :


  1. Any other information that may be necessary and helpful in the disposal of the case.                                          :


  1. Prayer:





Verified at Delhi on this the ________ day of _________ 200__  that the contents of the above application are true and correct to my knowledge and belief.








Following documents should accompany the petition:-


1. Copy of the FIR registered in connection with said accident, if any.

2. Copy of the MLC/Post Mortem Report/Death Report as the case may be.

3. The documents of the identity of the claimants and of the deceased in a death case.

4. Original bills of expenses incurred on the treatment alongwith treatment record.

5. Documents of the educational qualifications of the deceased, if any.

6. Disability Certificate, if already obtained, in an injury case.

7. The proof of income of the deceased/injured.

8. Documents about the age of the victim.

9. The cover note of the third party insurance policy, if any.

  1. An affidavit in support of the above documents and detailing the relationship of the claimants with the deceased.